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Found in Arts & Literature:

Found in Geography:

Q: What is the largest city in Alaska?     A: Anchorage
Q: What is the only US state that borders a Canadian territory?     A: Alaska
Q: Where is Pennsylvania Station?     A: New York City
Q: What river flows through the Grand Canyon?     A: The Colorado River
Q: What US city's skyline boasts the Gateway Arch?     A: St. Louis's
Q: What US state is the Sturgis Pretzel House located in?     A: Pennsylvania
Q: What state is the oldest US commercial pretzel bakery located in?     A: Pennsylvania
Q: Columbus is the capital of which US state?     A: Ohio
Q: Which US state is nicknamed "Keystone state"?     A: Pennsylvania
Q: Bismarck is the capital of which US state?     A: North Dakota
Q: What is the capital of Michigan?     A: Lansing
Q: What is the state capital of Alaska?     A: Juneau
Q: What is the capital of the US state of Oklahoma?     A: Oklahoma City
Q: What is the capital of the US state of Tennessee?     A: Nashville
Q: What is the capital of the US state of Nebraska?     A: Lincoln
Q: What city was nicknamed "The Paris of the West"?     A: San Francisco
Q: Which US state's way of life and culture is described as Cajun?     A: Louisiana's
Q: In which US state would you find the "Everglades"?     A: Florida

Found in Entertainment:

Found in History:

Q: Who was the first union president to occupy the Oval Office?     A: Ronald Reagan
Q: What line divided the North and South in the U.S. Civil War?     A: The Mason-Dixon line
Q: What started in 1849 when gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill?     A: The California Gold Rush
Q: What U.S. state was once an independent republic?     A: Texas
Q: Who was the first U.S. billionaire?     A: John D. Rockerfeller
Q: What was the first railroad to cross the US?     A: The Union Pacific
Q: What is the oldest university in the US?     A: Harvard
Q: Which side did Britain support in the US Civil War?     A: The Confederacy
Q: What is the first word of the text of the US Constitution?     A: We
Q: Prior to the 21st Century, what war saw the most Americans die?     A: The US Civil War
Q: What ocean liner was retired in 1967 and became a hotel at Long Beach?     A: The Queen Mary
Q: Which of the US Presidents was the first to be born in the 20th century?     A: Lyndon B. Johnson
Q: Of which US state was Jimmy Carter Governor before he became president?     A: Georgia
Q: What year did Jimmy Carter assume office as the 39th President of the United States?     A: 1977
Q: What year did Jimmy Carter become president of the United States?     A: 1977
Q: In 1861, Julius Sturgis started the first US commercial bakery that made what?     A: Pretzels
Q: Who was the third president of the US?     A: Thomas Jefferson
Q: What did William H. Seward buy from Russia in 1867?     A: Alaska

Found in Science & Nature:

Found in Miscellaneous:

Q: In what State is it illegal to smoke from a pipe after sunset?     A: Rhode Island
Q: Where is the sunniest place in the world?     A: Yuma, Arizona
Q: Who started the first commercial pretzel bakery in the US?     A: Julius Sturgis

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