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Round 1

Question Number Question Answer
1. The Newbery Medal is awarded annually for what genre of writing? Children's literature
2. Which African country had its capital transferred to Abuja? Nigeria
3. What artist performed the song titled "Be-Bop-a-Lula"? Gene Vincent
4. In 2004, Norodom Sihanouk renounced the throne of what Asian country? Cambodia
5. Despite its name, what species of whale is most likely to die in mass strandings on the beach? Pilot whale
6. What does "per capita" literally mean? Per head
7. What 1991 movie featured the character Topper Harley? Hot Shots!
8. How many time zones are spanned by Russia? Eleven
9. Where is the zygomatic bone located in the human body? The cheek
10. What is a calm ocean region near the equator called? Doldrums
Tie Breaker What trade name comes from combining the French words for velvet and hook? Velcro

Round 2

Question Number Question Answer
1. During what war was the novel "Cold Mountain" set? US Civil War
2. Where is the Tennis Hall of Fame located? Newport, Rhode Island
3. Anna Maria Louisa Italiano changed her name to what? Anne Bancroft
4. Frank Wathernam was the last inmate to leave what infamous prison? Alcatraz
5. The drug quinine was originally isolated from the bark of which tree? Cinchona
6. What does the abbreviation SUV stand for? Sport Utility Vehicle
7. Which Flinstones character was last to make it onto a Flinstones Vitamin? Betty Rubble
8. What was the original brand of cereal whose mascot was Crazy Craving? Honeycomb
9. Who took a leave of absence in the mid 1940's from his position at Cal Tech to direct the Manhattan Project? Robert Oppenheimer
10. The Shenandoah Valley is located in which US state? Virginia
Tie Breaker In telephony, what do the initials ISDN stand for? Integrated Services for Digital Network

Round 3

Question Number Question Answer
1. Who wrote the novel "The Moneychangers"? Arthur Hailey
2. What US state is nicknamed the "Grand Canyon State"? Arizona
3. What other animal cartoon character made his screen debut as Porky Pig's nemesis in the 1937 short "Porky's Duck Hunt"? Daffy Duck
4. The Civil War battle called Manassas by the South, was called what by the North? Bull Run
5. What is the name for the study of fluids? Hydraulics
6. The adjective "callipygian" refers to someone who has a beautiful what? Butt
7. Which boat passed through the Sea of Green, the Sea of Holes and the Sea of Time? The Yellow Submarine
8. Who's responsible for "The Ballad of The Sad Cafe"? Carson McCullers
9. What is a peanut if it is not a pea or a nut? Legume
10. Which ocean does Tanzania have water access to? Indian
Tie Breaker Which two classic Monopoly game tokens are articles that can be worn? The shoe and the top hat
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