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Round 1

Question Number Question Answer
1. Who reputedly told a customs officer: "I have nothing to declare except my genius"? Oscar Wilde
2. The island country Grenada is also known as what? Island of Spice
3. Lulu Roman was an original cast member of what long-running television series? Hee Haw
4. What was completed in 1869 at Promontory, Utah? Transcontinental Railway
5. What is the alligator pear better known as? An avocado
6. What made-up Bible verse is the catchphrase of wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin? Austin 3:16
7. Who plays the role of Kissy Suzuki in the movie "You Only Live Twice"? Mie Hama
8. What year did the famous Sears Tower in Chicago had its name changed to the "Willis Tower"? 2009
9. What kind of twins are also called "dizygotic"? Fraternal twins
10. What is the capital of Cambodia? Phnom Penh
Tie Breaker In the world of business, what does DJIA stand for? Dow Jones Industrial Average

Round 2

Question Number Question Answer
1. Whose paintings include "At the Moulin de la Galette" and "At the Moulin Rouge"? Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
2. What was known as "Bolshaya Gora" when it was part of Russia? Mount Foraker
3. What singer-songwriter played bass in the New Wave band "'Til Tuesday"? Aimee Mann
4. What year did Malawi declare independence from the United Kingdom? 1964
5. What instrument is used for measuring the distance between two points on opposite sides of an object? Caliper
6. What do the letters LG stand for in the name of the international electronics and chemical brand LG? Lucky-Goldstar
7. Where does SpongeBob SquarePants work? The Krusty Krab
8. What variety of beans is used to prepare Boston baked beans? Navy
9. Who invented the equals symbol? Robert Recorde
10. Where is the Volleyball Hall of Fame located? Holyoke, Massachusetts
Tie Breaker What Fortune 500 company was name for a Herman Melville character? Starbucks

Round 3

Question Number Question Answer
1. What classic novel's subtitle is "The Modern Prometheus"? Frankenstein
2. In what country is Thunder Bay? Canada
3. What is actress Julia Roberts' middle name? Fiona
4. At what age did Buffalo Bill become a rider for the Pony Express? 14
5. How many yards are there in an imperial fathom? 2
6. What four notes are represented on the four strings of a ukulele? G, C, E, A
7. What movie's first sequel featured the subtitle "The Spawning"? Piranha
8. What is a Texas Ruby Red? Grapefruit
9. What name is given to an elephant's second incisors? Tusks
10. What city was Russia's capital before Moscow? St. Petersburg
Tie Breaker Who named a perfume for her fashion shows on the fifth of each month? Coco Chanel
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