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Round 1

Question Number Question Answer
1. What folk hero is said to have been born in Loxley, South Yorkshire? Robin Hood
2. In which US state is Cornell University? New York
3. What was the last name of the family Seymour was stalking in the movie "One Hour Photo"? Yorkin
4. Which president created the Secret Service? Abraham Lincoln
5. What is the carambola fruit more commonly referred to as? Starfruit
6. What video game character was originally given the name Jumpman? Mario
7. Which pop duo consisted of Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus? Milli Vanilli
8. Orienteering began in which country? Sweden
9. The Ishihara Test is a color perception test used to detect deficiencies for which colors? Red and green
10. Which bird is the national bird of Belarus? White stork
Tie Breaker What is the International Criminal Police Organization better known as? Interpol

Round 2

Question Number Question Answer
1. What is Bruce Wayne's heroic identity? Batman
2. Tirana is the capital of what country? Albania
3. What genre is James Brown considered to be the grandfather of? Soul
4. What major British disaster occurred in Beauvais, France, in 1930? Crash of the R101 airship
5. Azote is an old name for what element? Nitrogen
6. Who is Mega Man's creator? Dr. Light
7. What musical talent does the Devil display in the song "The Devil Went Down to George"? Fiddle playing
8. On a standard Monopoly board, what are the two least expensive properties? Mediterranean and Baltic
9. What chemical element's atomic number is 50? Tin
10. What two US state capitals cities lie on the Mississippi River? Baton Rouge and St. Paul
Tie Breaker A silk-screened print is also known as what? Serigraph

Round 3

Question Number Question Answer
1. What novel begins with the words "Marley was dead..."? A Christmas Carol
2. Which bird is the national bird of Greece? Little owl
3. What Beatles' song title character "wears a face which she keeps in a jar by the door"? Eleanor Rigby
4. Who changed her name to Rebecca Rolfe, after marrying John Rolfe? Pocahontas
5. Ascorbic acid is commonly referred to as what? Vitamin C
6. Which cosmetics company shares a name with Shakespeare's birthplace? Avon
7. Who played the role of Batman in the 1995 film "Batman Forever"? Val Kilmer
8. What is floating wreckage of a ship called? Flotsam
9. Triton is a moon of which planet? Neptune
10. What is the second-highest mountain on Earth? K2
Tie Breaker The traditional chef's hat has 100 pleats, which symbolizes the number of what? Ways to cook an egg
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