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Round 1

Question Number Question Answer
1. What was the name of the ship that Jason & his Argonauts sail in? Argo
2. What is the capital of Cook Islands? Avarua
3. What former athlete plays Matthew McConaughey’s father in the movie "Failure to Launch"? Terry Bradshaw
4. What bird did Ben Franklin suggest replace the bald eagle as a national emblem? The wild turkey
5. Which branch of science is concerned with the study of matter and energy? Physics
6. What small carrier attached to a motorcycle shares its name with a brandy cocktail? Sidecar
7. What are the names of the five Planeteers from the TV show "Captain Planet and The Planeteers"? Kwame, Wheeler, Linka, Gi, and Ma-Ti
8. What was the original name of "Skype"? Sky peer-to-peer
9. What animal is also known as an earth pig, antbear, or Cape anteater? Aardvark
10. Buffalo Grove is a suburb of what major US city? Chicago
Tie Breaker In the traditional modern deck of cards, which is the only king without a moustache? King of Hearts

Round 2

Question Number Question Answer
1. What Broadway musical featured the song "Hooverville"? Annie
2. In which Mediterranean Sea are the Cyclades islands? The Aegean
3. Who played the role of Liz Lemon on the TV show "30 Rock"? Tina Fey
4. In which decade did the Wall Street crash lead to the Great Depression? 1920s
5. What is considered the fifth sense? Touch
6. Who led the NFL in rushing yards four out of five years from 1972 to 1976? O.J. Simpson
7. In what city did the TV show "Full House" take place? San Francisco
8. The sousaphone is a marching-band version of what symphony instrument? The tuba
9. How many calves does the average giraffe mother give birth to each time? One
10. Which country borders Chad to the east? Sudan
Tie Breaker Where does the famous "running of the bulls" take place? Pamplona

Round 3

Question Number Question Answer
1. Who wrote the novel "Valley of the Dolls"? Jacqueline Susann
2. Concord is the capital of which US state? New Hampshire
3. What city did the S.S. Minnow leave from on its three-hour tour on the original TV series "Gilligan's Island"? Honolulu
4. What city was Martin Luther King, Jr. killed in? Memphis
5. What is the largest rodent in the US? The Beaver
6. What board game was banned in the Soviet Union? Monopoly
7. Who is Jason Schwartzman's mother? Talia Shire
8. Which mint was the first to be used as a gum flavoring by the Wrigley Company? Spearmint
9. From what bird do we get the meat known as squab? Pigeon
10. In which continent would you find the Lena River? Asia
Tie Breaker What Chinese-born architects designed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? I. M. Pei
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