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Q: Which TV show features a character nicknamed Sweet Dee?     A: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Q: Who plays the Laura Silverman on the TV show "The Sarah Silverman Program"?     A: Laura Silverman
Q: What name did George Costanza from the TV show "Seinfeld" want to name his first child?     A: Seven
Q: What is the nickname given to Negan's bat in the TV show "The Walking Dead"?     A: Lucille
Q: What did Frosty the Snow man have for a nose?     A: A button
Q: Who runs the "Leftorium"?     A: Ned Flanders
Q: How is Alistair Leslie Graham better known as on TV?     A: Ali G
Q: What is the Ali G's full name?     A: Alistair Leslie Graham
Q: Which detective was played by Jack Webb in the 1960s TV show "Dragnet"?     A: Sergeant Joe Friday
Q: Which character did Neil Hamilton play in the original TV series "Batman"?     A: Police Commissioner Gordon

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