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Found in Geography:

Q: In which country would you find the motor racing circuit called Kyalami?     A: South Africa
Q: What's the official state sport of Alaska?     A: Dog mushing

Found in Entertainment:

Found in History:

Q: Over which distance did Steve Ovett win Olympic gold?     A: 800 meters
Q: Jimmy Connors won the men's doubles at the 1973 Wimbledon with which partner?     A: Ilie Nastase

Found in Science & Nature:

Found in Miscellaneous:

Q: Who was said to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee?     A: Muhammad Ali
Q: Which is heavier, a baseball or a softball?     A: A softball
Q: Which is larger, a baseball or a softball?     A: A softball
Q: How many numbered, colored balls are there in the standard billiards?     A: Fifteen
Q: How many referees are there in a soccer game?     A: One
Q: What day is the Super Bowl always played on?     A: Sunday
Q: What is another term for a badminton bird?     A: Shuttlecock
Q: What is the diameter of a golf hole?     A: Four and a quarter inches
Q: What are A.C. Milan, Ajax and Real Madrid?     A: Soccer teams
Q: What two skills make up the winter biathlon?     A: Cross-country skiing and target shooting
Q: How many lanes does an Olympic swimming pool have?     A: Eight
Q: What are the colors of the five Olympic rings?     A: Black, blue, red, green and yellow
Q: What does an archer carry his arrows in?     A: A Quiver
Q: How many players are there on a soccer team?     A: Eleven
Q: What is the point scored immediately after deuce in tennis?     A: Advantage
Q: How many successive Wimbledon titles did Bjorn Borg win?     A: 5
Q: Which years marked Bjorn Borg's successive Wimbledon titles?     A: 1976 to 1980
Q: Who was known as the "Clown Prince" of basketball?     A: Meadowlark Lemon
Q: Which cricketer is known as "The Cat"?     A: Phil Tufnell
Q: What year was cricketer Phil Tufnell born?     A: 1966
Q: Who was the NBA's most valuable player in 1976, 1977 and 1980?     A: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Q: Which Italian won the 1998 Tour de France bicycle race?     A: Marco Pantani
Q: Who was the first tennis player to complete the Grand Slam?     A: Don Budge
Q: Who did Jersey Joe Walcott defeat at age 37 to win the heavyweight title?     A: Ezzard Charles
Q: In what sport is the ball 40 millimetres in diameter and weighs 2.7 grams?     A: Table Tennis
Q: In the game of darts, what is a score of 26 commonly referred to as?     A: Breakfast, or bed 'n' breakfast
Q: Who was Liverpool's captain when they won their first European Cup final in 1977?     A: Emlyn Hughes
Q: In which sport might you see a "Crucifix" being performed?     A: Gymnastics
Q: Jimmy Connors won the men's doubles at the 1973 Wimbledon with which partner?     A: Ilie Nastase
Q: What were the nicknames of the Dean brothers who pitched for the St. Louis Cardinals?     A: Daffy and Dizzy
Q: In what sport with animals do you find "coursing"?     A: Greyhound racing
Q: How many hurdles are there in a 400 metres hurdle race?     A: Ten
Q: In which Olympic games did Nadia Comăneci become the first gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of 10.0?     A: 1976 Olympic Games

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