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Q: What popular artist sang the words: "I'm afraid of Americans"?     A: David Bowie
Q: Who composed the title music to TV's "Inspector Morse"?     A: Barrington Pheloung
Q: Which song from The Beatles' the "White Album" was originally entitled "Maharishi"?     A: Sexy Sadie
Q: Which song from the "White Album" was originally titled "Maharishi"?     A: Sexy Sadie
Q: What don't the children need in Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall"?     A: An education
Q: Who sang the track "Think" for the 1980 album "The Blues Brothers: Original Soundtrack Recording"?     A: Aretha Franklin
Q: Which former member of Genesis had a hit with "One More Night"?     A: Phil Collins
Q: Who released the 1979 song "Rock 'n' Roll High School"?     A: The Ramones
Q: Who had hits with the songs "Sledgehammer" and "Big Time" in the 1980s?     A: Peter Gabriel
Q: "Confide in Me" was a hit in 1994 for which singer?     A: Kylie Minogue
Q: Who sang the hit song "Confide in Me" in 1994?     A: Kylie Minogue
Q: From which musical did "One Night in Bangkok Makes a Hard Man Humble" and "I Know Him So Well" come?     A: Chess
Q: Which member of Duran Duran produced "Kajagoogoo's" first single?     A: Nick Rhodes
Q: Who performed the 1977 song "Let's All Chant"?     A: The Michael Zager Band
Q: Which band released the song "Proud Mary" in 1969?     A: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Q: The song "I Talk to the Trees" comes from what musical?     A: Paint Your Wagon

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