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Q: Who wrote the 1938 play "The Corn Is Green"?    A: Emlyn Williams
Q: What semi-autobiographical play did Emlyn Williams write in 1938?    A: The Corn Is Green
Q: Piccini's "Tosca" is based on which 1887 Victorien Sardou play?    A: La Tosca
Q: In what Puccini opera does Scarpia appear?    A: Tosca
Q: In which Shakespeare play would you find Constable Elbow?    A: Measure for Measure
Q: In Greek mythology, who did Oedipus marry?    A: Jocasta, his mother
Q: Which play is generally accepted to be Shakespeare's last, fully completed play before his death?    A: The Tempest
Q: What king was murdered by Macbeth?    A: King Duncan

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