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Found in Arts & Literature:

Q: Who turned all he touched to gold?    A: King Midas
Q: What is the name of the winged horse of Greek mythology?    A: Pegasus
Q: In Greek mythology, who did Zeus place in the heavens as the constellation Ursa Major?    A: Callisto
Q: In Greek Mythology, the Oneiroi, were various gods and demigods that ruled over what?    A: Dreams and nightmares
Q: Mentu is the Egyptian god of what?    A: War
Q: Which creature was the Egyptian God Horus identified with?    A: Falcon
Q: What animal was the Egyptian God Horus depicted as?    A: Falcon

Found in Geography:

Found in Entertainment:

Found in History:

Q: What Roman god is January named for?     A: Janus

Found in Science & Nature:

Found in Miscellaneous:

Q: What two months are named for men?     A: July and August

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