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Q: What is the dot on top of the letter "i" called?    A: Tittle, or superscript dot

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Q: What word in the English language with three consecutive sets of double letters?     A: Bookkeeper
Q: What does the word "honcho" mean in Japanese?     A: Squad Leader
Q: What letter is most used in the English language?     A: E
Q: What letter is least used in the English language?     A: Z
Q: What language was left unpunctuated until the modern age?     A: Japanese
Q: What does Seoul, the South Korean capital mean in the Korean language?     A: The Capital
Q: What was the official language of England for over 600 years?     A: French
Q: How many words rhyme with purple?     A: None
Q: What does Pinocchio in Italian mean?     A: Pine eyes
Q: What does Canada mean in Indian?     A: Big Village
Q: What is "hotel-Dieu" in France?     A: A hospital

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