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Found in Arts & Literature:

Q: What nationality was Frederic Chopin?    A: Polish

Found in Geography:

Q: Which country is the largest in the World?     A: Russia
Q: What is the former name of Istanbul?     A: Constantinople
Q: What nationality is a Breton?     A: French
Q: What is the northernmost Scandinavian country?     A: Norway
Q: Where is Lake Como?     A: Italy
Q: Where is the International Court of Justice?     A: The Hague
Q: What volcanic peak can you see from Naples?     A: Mount Vesuvius
Q: What city dug the first subway?     A: London
Q: What is the capital of Bulgaria?     A: Sofia
Q: Where is Mount Olympus?     A: Greece
Q: Which city is the capital of the Austrian state of Tyrol?     A: Innsbruck
Q: Innsbruck is the capital of which Austrian state?     A: Tyrol
Q: Tyrol is a state located in which European country?     A: Austria
Q: In which city can you find the famed Arch of Hadrian?     A: Athens, Greece
Q: In which European country would you find the town of Eupen?     A: Belgium
Q: Warsaw is the capital of what country?     A: Poland
Q: Warsaw is the capital of which European country?     A: Poland
Q: What is the capital of Poland?     A: Warsaw
Q: Which European city is regarded as the watch making capital of the world?     A: Geneva
Q: In which country would you find the city Geneva?     A: Switzerland

Found in Entertainment:

Found in History:

Q: What ended the Austro-Hungarian monarchy?     A: World War I
Q: What country's flag was Christopher Columbus sailing under when he discovered America?     A: Spain's
Q: What was The City of Gold sought by Spanish explorers?     A: El Dorado
Q: During WWII how did the German Army make diesel fuel?     A: Synthetically through the Fischer-Tropsch process
Q: What country is credited with inventing the modern, self-igniting match?     A: France

Found in Science & Nature:

Found in Miscellaneous:

Q: What was the official language of England for over 600 years?     A: French
Q: Where were police dogs first used?     A: Scotland
Q: What country has the highest consumption of chocolate per capita?     A: Switzerland

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