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Found in Arts & Literature:

Q: What Ray Bradbury novel is named for temperature at which paper catches fire?    A: Fahrenheit 451

Found in Geography:

Found in Entertainment:

Found in History:

Q: During WWII how did the German Army make diesel fuel?     A: Synthetically through the Fischer-Tropsch process
Q: During WWI how did the Germany Army make ammonia for explosives?     A: Using the Haber Process
Q: Which drug, later found to have devastating side effects, was launched in 1957 to help pregnant women overcome morning sickne     A: Thalidomide

Found in Science & Nature:

Q: What is added to water to make tonic water?     A: Quinine
Q: What is Ethyl Alcohol commonly known as?     A: Ethanol
Q: What is acetylsalicylic acid commonly known as?     A: Aspirin
Q: Which element has the lowest boiling point?     A: Helium
Q: Which chemical element has the highest boiling point?     A: Tungsten
Q: What metals is Bell metal an alloy of?     A: Tin and copper
Q: What is the chemical symbol for lead?     A: Pb
Q: What metal has the chemical symbol Pb?     A: Lead
Q: What is the correct name for brown coal?     A: Lignite
Q: By what name is Lignite often referred to as?     A: Brown coal
Q: What chemical compound causes pain in muscles after exercise?     A: Lactic acid
Q: By what name is "Calcium oxide" more commonly known?     A: Quicklime
Q: Cinnabar is the most common source for which compound?     A: Mercury
Q: What is the common name for solid carbon dioxide?     A: Dry ice
Q: "Cardice" is another term for what?     A: Dry ice
Q: The process of water changing to vapour is known as what?     A: Evaporation
Q: What is the chemical name for quicksilver?     A: Mercury

Found in Miscellaneous:

Q: What is the core in most pencils made from?     A: Graphite

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