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Q: What popular Walt Disney character shares a name with a planet?     A: Pluto
Q: Who is Bugs Bunny's archenemy?     A: Elmer J. Fudd
Q: Who created the popular cartoon TV show "The Simpsons"?     A: Matt Groening
Q: Who created the cartoon TV show "Futurama"?     A: Matt Groening
Q: What is Mickey Mouse's dog's name?     A: Pluto
Q: Who is The Friendly Ghost?     A: Casper
Q: Who created the animated TV show "South Park"?     A: Trey Parker and Matt Stone
Q: What is the name of the apartment complex the Jetsons live in?     A: Skypad Apartments
Q: In which 1940s Disney film would you find a rabbit named Thumper?     A: Bambi
Q: What cartoon by Mike Judge is the 1999 film "Office Space" based on?     A: Milton

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