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Q: What is the better-known name of the card game Twenty-One?     A: Blackjack
Q: What must a Las Vegas blackjack dealer do when he reaches 16?     A: Take a card
Q: What is the lowest hand that beats a straight in Poker?     A: A flush
Q: What Poker hand comprises three of a kind and a pair?     A: A full house
Q: What is the term for a bet before cards are dealt?     A: Ante
Q: What do Las Vegas blackjack dealers stand on?     A: 17
Q: What is the other name for the card game Patience?     A: Solitaire
Q: What is the crucial card in the game of Hearts?     A: The queen of spades
Q: What is the highest hand in straight Poker?     A: A royal flush
Q: In the traditional modern deck of cards, which is the only king without a moustache?     A: King of Hearts
Q: This is the strongest poker hand you can get?     A: Royal Flush
Q: In which card game might you be dealt a "Yarborough" hand?     A: Bridge

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