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Q: What are the two highest valued letters in Scrabble?     A: Q and Z
Q: How much money do you start a game of Monopoly with?     A: $1500
Q: How much do you collect when you pass GO in the game of Monopoly?     A: $200
Q: How much Monopoly money do you collect for finishing second in a beauty contest?     A: $10
Q: How many dice are used to play Yahtzee?     A: Five
Q: What board game was banned in the Soviet Union?     A: Monopoly
Q: How many squares are there on a Snakes and Ladders board?     A: 100
Q: What chessman makes an L-shaped move?     A: The knight
Q: How many squares are there on a checkerboard?     A: 64
Q: What is the point value of the letter K in Scrabble?     A: Five
Q: How many pawns does each player have at the start of a chess game?     A: Eight

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