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Q: What is Paul Stanley's persona name in the band KISS?     A: The Starchild
Q: What is Gene Simmons' persona name in the band KISS?     A: The Demon
Q: What is Peter Chriss' persona name in the band KISS?     A: The Catman
Q: What is Ace Frehley's persona name in the band KISS?     A: Spaceman or Space Ace
Q: What don't the children need in Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall"?     A: An education
Q: Whose concerts formed the basis of the documentary film "Rattle and Hum"?     A: U2's
Q: Which former member of Genesis had a hit with "One More Night"?     A: Phil Collins
Q: Which musical act went by the name "Two Tons O' Fun" in their early carrier?     A: The Weather Girls
Q: Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe make up what pop band?     A: Pet Shop Boys
Q: Who released the 1979 song "Rock 'n' Roll High School"?     A: The Ramones
Q: Which band would you associate with Steve Cradock?     A: Ocean Colour Scene
Q: In which country would you find the traditional Mariachi bands?     A: Mexico
Q: Who is often referred to as the "Fifth Beatle"?     A: Stu Sutcliffe
Q: Who was the first Beatles bass player?     A: Stu Sutcliffe
Q: Which record label signed The Beatles in 1962?     A: EMI
Q: Which three family members released an album titled "Priority" in 1979?     A: The Pointer Sisters
Q: Which member of Duran Duran produced "Kajagoogoo's" first single?     A: Nick Rhodes

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