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Found in Arts & Literature:

Q: Who painted Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear?    A: Vincent Van Gogh
Q: What painter popularized soup cans and Brillo soap pad boxes?    A: Andy Warhol
Q: Which opera singer was known as "La Stupenda"?    A: Joan Sutherland

Found in Geography:

Found in Entertainment:

Q: Ernest Evans became famous under what name?     A: Chubby Checker
Q: What is Kenny G's real surname?     A: Gorelick
Q: Who did Bruno Mars start his singing career as a child by impersonating?     A: Elvis Presley
Q: Which French singer and actor sings the theme song to Disney's film "The Aristocats"?     A: Maurice Chevalier
Q: Who sang the track "Think" for the 1980 album "The Blues Brothers: Original Soundtrack Recording"?     A: Aretha Franklin
Q: Which former member of Genesis had a hit with "One More Night"?     A: Phil Collins
Q: Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe make up what pop band?     A: Pet Shop Boys

Found in History:

Found in Science & Nature:

Found in Miscellaneous:

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