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Q: What do peacocks mate with?     A: Peahens
Q: What do dragonflies eat?     A: Mosquitoes
Q: How many wings does a bee have?     A: Four
Q: Do sea gulls drink sea water?     A: Yes
Q: What do you call an animal that eats both plants and animals?     A: An Omnivore
Q: What gland do all mammals have in common?     A: Mammary
Q: Secretary birds are native to which continent?     A: Africa
Q: What bird is referred to as "windhover" in some areas?     A: Kestrel
Q: What is in the Red Data List?     A: Threatened Species
Q: What are catfish missing that many other fish have?     A: Scales
Q: What color does a chameleon turn when its trying to warm up?     A: Black
Q: What is a male goose called?     A: Gander
Q: Of what do earthworms have five?     A: Blood vessels
Q: What are pouched animals called?     A: Marsupials
Q: What is a community of ants called?     A: Colony
Q: What bird lays an egg that is roughly a quarter of its body weight?     A: The Kiwi
Q: What is a group of deer called?     A: A Herd
Q: What animal is a Chester White?     A: A pig
Q: What are juvenile goats called?     A: Kids

Found in Miscellaneous:

Q: What is in the Red Data List?     A: Threatened Species
Q: Greek Feta cheese is typically made from the milk of which animal?     A: Sheep

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